Ferris – The Coaching Assistant

Ferris is our platform that aims to assist in augmenting:

  • The collaboration between a coach and a protege 
  • The visibility of the coaching plan.


The coach is an abstraction in the Ferris platform. The coach can be a doctor, an executive, a fund manager, or a programmer.

I use Ferry as a metaphor. The coach is simply a person and shares a set of common traits; experience and capability to elevate a protege to a high-potential performer.

Publishing Programs

The story begins with a coach who decides to offer her services and capabilities as “Program”, to the world, through Ferris. 

The platform helps the coach, with a template, to progressively outline a new program and its potential outcome. 

The coach begins elaborating on the program and its outcome with an awesome Poster along with a 5 minutes Trailer.

She provides a comprehensive summary and the milestones of the program. She uploads a cute thumbnail and a fabulous Banner.  Now it is time for her to visualize how the platform showcases the program, on the Home Page, along with other programs. 

The Coach constructs a Program

We understand that creating such a program involves a considerable amount of artistic works and the best results can be achieved after several iterations. 

The platform is designed to support such incremental enhancements; to allow the coach to save the works and improve on them continuously. 

Finally, she publishes the draft program to the world – Your program is activated.

Enrolling into Programs

A protege views and evaluates the published programs by visiting our platform. He enrolls into the programs of his choice. The respective coaches are notified about the enrolments. 

The key is that we shun the idea of administering the same pill or singing the same raga to every person. The platform favors defining simple milestones at a high-level. 

We suggest to provide a personalized Coaching Plan based on the context of the protege. 

The coach schedules a “Session” with the protege to devise the “Coaching Plan”

The Session

The interaction between the Coach and the Protege is the key to any successful coaching engagement. 

The participants collaborate by sharing their screens

Hence it is important that we need to weave the interaction capabilities seamlessly as part and parcel of the coaching session rather than an external fit. 

The coaching platform offers every possible features to enhance the collaboration between the coach and the protege, that includes a secured peer-to-peer video conferencing capability, shared array of white-boards, dual-screen sharing capability, and interesting notes taking capability. 

Continuity and Context

It is important for the coach to quickly access the historical sessions to understand the current context of the protege to prepare for the next coaching session.

It is vital for both the coach and the protege to objectively monitor the progress towards the goal.

Therefore the capability to journal the session assets, also known as session content, and allowing them to be accessible by the session participants is a core-feature and is one of the founding-pillars of the platform.

Yes, the white-boards, session notes of the coach, session notes from the protege, the closure notes of the session, and the updates to the coaching plan are recorded and tagged to the session. 

Multiple Boards to brainstorm

The session assets can be viewed, at any point in time, by both the coach and the protege.

So, it is obvious that the coach and the protege need not resort to another external tool, because the platform offers the required tools in a more meaningful way.

The Coaching Plan 

We understand that coaching is a continuous process. But the sessions are discrete to allow the protege to perform the recommendations. 

We devised a mechanism to systematically observe and record the context of the protege. The coach access this information to recommend the right set of onward activities to focus on.

The coaching plan is divided into four quadrants. Objective, Observation, Opportunities, and Onwards. 

The coach helps the protege to define the goal in a SMART way and helps to focus on the most wildly important goal.

The coach and the protege, together, record the current and the re-entrant contexts into the observation and records the opportunities and constraints into the respective quadrants.

The 4 O’s Coaching Plan – Golden Template

This will help the protege to discover and perform the set of onward activities and steadily progress towards the Objective.

Being the progress towards the goal is an iterative process, the plan component provides the ability to align the plan by adding new items into the respective sections.

Moment 36

The platform manages 4 different kinds of events on behalf of its users.

  • The session between the coach and protege, 
  • The reminders captured in the notes during the session, 
  • The scheduled onward activities from the coaching plan, and 
  • The start and the completion date of the goal

Moment 36 is the dashboard for accessing those events scheduled in the past 6 hours, the events scheduled in the current hour, and the events that should happen in the next 29 hours. 

Scheduling a Session between the Coach and Protege

No fancy views like, for This month, next month, yearly when I’m writing this blog.

The Moment-36 View of the Protege

We focus on the vital.

Future – Reinforcement Learning

  1. Drawing the Coaching Plan as a Flow Chart with Decision Elements
  2. Capturing the Observations and hence the progress in Context-sensitive data forms.
  3. Identification of the rewarding bandit arms.

How to access Ferris


Feel free to write to us to obtain a guest coach login and a guest user login.



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