July 1, 2022

Finding solutions with self reliance with Usha

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Finding solutions with self reliance with Usha
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Show Notes

In this episode, Usha from PM Power Consulting is in conversation with Chitra and shares her 3 plus decades of experience in software and technology around –

  • Working at Raman institute for 10 years, her first exposure to computing
  •  A research institute expects you to do your own learning, but of course
  • Writing programs for ‘astronomical’ data analysis and structures of crystals in pascal & Fortran, 
  • Finding logic was easy, testing with missing data and reconstructing it was challenging
  • Becoming self-reliant, so finding solutions is now natural
  • Building test harnesses from scratch,
  • Joining i2 tech in supply chain planning
  • Setup the first performance testing lab, getting things started
  • Working with resource constraints while setting up the performance lab
  • Learned how software products were sold, understanding product ROI
  • Learning from Eliyahu Goldratt’s book and seeing those principles applied in product development
  • Customer experiences & product delivery
  • A stint in Australia via Siemens in the telecom domain – testing & system integration
  • The evolution towards collective responsiblity from specialized roles & functions
  • Concept of quality and embracing culture around it, getting people aligned around quality goals
  • Views on establishing test procedures, measuring effectiveness & ROI
  • Customer experiences right under their noses
  • Importance of building the right teams
  • Important to follow your heart & passion

Usha is a Consultant with PM Power. She has worked for companies like Tech Mahindra, Siemens and Mindtree before founding LastMile Consulting Technology Solutions.

She has been a practitioner of Agile for 15+ years. She trains and helps large teams adopt agile methods

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