September 4, 2020

Four Innings Career with Zafar Ahmed

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Four Innings Career with Zafar Ahmed
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Show Notes

In conversation with Tech Executive and Principal consultant from PM Power Consulting, Zafar Ahmed shares his experiences with Gayatri From PM Power Consulting on his journey. Zafar draws out his 4 decades of experience as 4 phases in a cricket match with one exciting inning built over another. 

  • Started as a passionate programmer in Tata steel working in their transformation
  • In the second innings, became part of IT services revolution shifting base to US and owning a start up
  • He moved to India in early 2000s and headed technology in Hughes software where he learnt the ropes of management, leadership and went through a transformation within
  • Zafar is currently in his 4th innings where he wants to share his rich learnings as a leadership coach and a consultant in PM Power Consulting
  • Zafar shares his many defining moments in his career starting with his focus in becoming part of Tata steel and completely falling in love with software
  • He shares a story on how he stumbled upon agile transformation and became a student and internalised the mindset over practices
  • Next big defining moment is his understanding of leadership style and his transformation along with an agile way of working. 
  • He talks about being a taskmaster and how he transformed later as a people’s leader away from his task orientation
  • He talks about setting long term goals in his career as one of his misgivings and not taking enough risks in his career
  • Zafar signs off with a positive note on covid situation and how technology has changed each and every human being on earth. 

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Gayatri can be contacted at

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  1. You have travelled such a meaningful journey, my friend! As they say every ounce of teaching there is an ounce of leaning, you chose wisely! Wishing you all the best!
    We had wonderful time at Tisco and now association after 30+ years is even more so!

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