December 9, 2021

From ideas to actions with Paramu Kurumathur

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
From ideas to actions with Paramu Kurumathur
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Show Notes

In this episode, Paramu Kurumathur, Consultant at PM Power consulting talks about various situations in his career. When he had the opportunity to latch on to an idea, develop it to concrete action.

He talks about how there are many ways to do that and that age is no bar, based on his own experience.

Specifically, he talks about the following approaches that have helped him-

  • Explore, expand an idea
  • Collaborate
  • Research, learn, internalize, let it simmer : one day, it will come out
  • Look for metaphors, analogies
  • Define some boundaries.. scope.. 108 facts..
  • Look for gaps in models / 
  • Getting a coach / teacher; being self aware

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