August 13, 2021

Genesis of a company with Sanjay Jayakumar

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Genesis of a company with Sanjay Jayakumar
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Show Notes

Sanjay Jayakumar CEO and Founder of Ignitarium shares his stories about – 

  • Facing uncertainties from very early on, being good in math and physics
  • Joining the WIPRO factory from campus in 1991, and being with WIPRO for 21 years
  • Phases in WIPRO of roughly 3 years each across various functions
  • Early career in engineering, as the interface between design and production of computers
  • Moving to the hardware design team and then onto chip design as part of outsourced R&D
  • Setting up an SOC for Texas Instruments
  • Getting an opportunity to setup an engineering centre at Kochi and scaling it to a 2000 person operation
  • The lead into starting Ignitarium
  • Underlying common principles when working across cultures in Japan and the US
  • Laying the foundation for scaling the engineering centre at Kochi with excellent support at Wipro
  • The transition to becoming an entrepreneur, starting with making peace within himself with the decision
  • The long road, 200 calls and the first 3 customers, getting the team through personal and professional networks, the genesis of Ignitarium
  • Adding value to customers and being key enablers in a product development ecosystem through their expertise in system on chips & signal processing intensive design to create a software enabled platform
  • A Future forward thinking approach to continuous evolution of products and solutions
  • Culture of Innovation, continuous learning and growth opportunities 
  • Creating partnerships and contributing to ecosystems
  • Messages for aspiring engineers in today’s world of content at your fingertips

Founder and CEO of Ignitarium, Sanjay Jayakumar proudly leads a cross-functional team of close to 300 professionals and has been responsible for defining Ignitarium’s core values, which encompass the organisation’s approach towards clients, partners and internal stakeholders, and in establishing an innovation and value-driven organisational culture. Largely admired for his charisma and humility, he has gained a reputation for inspiring people through his strategic vision and team building capabilities.

Prior to founding Ignitarium in 2012, Sanjay spent the initial 22 years of his career with the VLSI and Systems Business unit at Wipro Technologies. In his formative years, Sanjay worked in diverse engineering roles in Electronic hardware design, ASIC design and custom library development. Sanjay later handled a flagship – multi-million dollar, 600-engineer strong – Semiconductor & Embedded account owning complete Delivery and Business responsibility.

Contact him @ Linkdin/Sanjay Jaykumar

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