September 3, 2021

Getting things done with Jayaraman (Raghu) Raghuraman

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Getting things done with Jayaraman (Raghu) Raghuraman
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Show Notes

In this conversation, Jayaraman Raghuraman – known as Raghu – SVP – Digital Engineering and Tech.Debt, Schneider Electric shares his experience and perspectives on

  • How he became a software developer.. And likes to all himself a software developer
  • About his aptitude to solve problems in math or trivia etc.
  • How he was lucky to be at the right time for this industry
  • Though interested in computers, he had to choose an elective in electronics and instrumentation
  • Taking a gap year, joining a part time post graduate management program
  • Getting an opportunity to be formally trained in BASIC after clearing a tough test
  • His experience with his first boss, as task master and expecting high standards of performance from his team
  • The ‘perks’ or working late or overnight!
  • Focusing his first decade of profession to learn languages, technology etc
  • Why he considers himself as a second generation IT professional in India
  • The motivators for him to change roles and jobs
  • Crediting his managers for the learning and growth opportunities and guidance in his career
  • The importance of being open with your weaknesses with your team
  • About his style of getting things done
  • The power of 1-on-1s
  • Virtual coffee hour
  • That the emotional needs of global teams vary with the location
  • How he interacts with other ‘Raghus’ in his team
  • The four key questions to ask oneself
  • What am I good at
  • What am i not good at
  • What do i like doing
  • What do i not like to do
  • The future of careers in IT, requiring the understanding of applications of IT 

Raghu, short for Jayaraman Raghuraman is a Software professional, with a passion for software, IT and Technology. Raghu has spent his 30+ year of his career in the technology industry, mainly focus on strong execution and operational leadership in software product development and working closely with global customers. He spent the first 16 years of his career in India and the last 20 years in the USA, but lived in several countries, as well as led teams across China, Mexico, Brazil, France, USA and India. Established track record of leadership in providing vision, direction, organization and execution of technical strategy to achieve organization and business objectives, on time and with high quality. Achievements include years of delivering on IT and Technology transformation goals while managing budgets between $100 – 500 MM in Fortune 500 organizations

Raghu’s passions include working with people globally and developing young talent, as well as spending time watching a lot of movies, cricket and any sport. Currently, a new passion for Raghu has been to listen to murder mystery and police novels by the author, Michael Connelly.

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  1. Raghu, Congratulations on your achievements. You have come a long way Baby ( since I have seen you clad in diapers). Why are you passionate with murder mysteries.?Are ýou plotting against your uncle who is always teasing you in spite of your achievements?

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