August 6, 2022

Innovation, Incubation and starting up with Jani

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Innovation, Incubation and starting up with Jani
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Show Notes

This is the second part of the conversation with Janakiraman Srinivasan, known as Jani.

In the first part, Jani spoke of his initial years in IT and the long career he had with Wipro. We ended that episode when it was a segue into his entrepreneurial roles.

In this episode,Jani continues to share more stories related to 

  • The startup bug that led him to be a co-founder of Mindtree
  • Getting an international experience, and the tech boom and startup culture in the silicon valley creating a strong impression 
  • The emotional connect he had with Mr. Ashok Soota
  • Changes in his experience between two startup contexts 19 years apart
  • How these changes influenced some of the policies and strategies in the second startup
  • The benefit of complementary strengths among the co-founders
  • The experience of incubating startups within mindtree
  • How he moved on to set up Nuvepro
  • How he keeps himself updated on emerging and futuristic technologies
  • And how he finds time for all this
  • His emotionally stressful phases, when thinking of or making transitions across organizations
  • The importance of people in the success of a company
  • His career advice for people considering a career in IT and for those already in IT

Janakiraman Srinivasan is currently the Chairman of Nuvepro Technologies, a startup in Cloud Technologies and also President of Indo Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (IJCCI) – Karnataka. 

Prior to above, Janakiraman was the President & CTO of Mindtree Ltd, and was one of the Co-Founder and Board Member too. He served Mindtree from 1999 to 2014. 

Prior to Mindtree, Janakiraman served as the Chief Executive of Global R&D Unit of Wipro where he started his career as one among first five employees in 1980. 

Janakiraman was one of the Co-Founder of India Semiconductor Association (ISA) in 2002 and served for six years in its executive council, and later as its Chairman and Advisor too. 

Janakiraman did his BE at Regional Engineering College – Trichi (1973-78) and MTech from IIT-Chennai (1978-80). He is a Distinguished Alumni of REC for his Entrepreneurial Excellence. 

Janakiraman has served the board of Yokogawa India Ltd till March 2019 for four years. Currently a Board Member in startups Nuvepro Technologies, Innohub Technologies, Sanohub Technologies and Netra Accelerator Foundation. He is actively involved in promoting startups and entrepreneurial environment in Karnataka.

Jani may be contacted at janiuma @

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