Is the time for the daily stand up flexible?

The time at which the standup meeting is scheduled is flexible.

But, changing it on a daily basis is not.

Choose the most convenient time for all team members to join the meeting. When some members are not co-located, there might be time zone constraints.

The preference is to have this meeting as the first action in the morning.

That way, it will help in

  • Team members warming up for the day on a cheerful note and this promotes better teamwork
  • Team members will also get a clear picture of what is planned for the day
  • A side benefit is that the day would start on time!

When a standup meeting must be scheduled sometime during the day, the updates would relate to both what happened the previous afternoon as well as that morning.

There may be a tendency to forget the previous day’s progress or issues, if there was a more pressing or challenging situation in the morning.

This can happen even when the stand up is held first thing in the morning, but that can be addressed by the team members having a log of what they are doing, which can also serve as a source for retrospection

It is a good practice to use the board [that is updated as and when some change is needed, such as completion of tasks or progress / impediment faced by any member] and look at the confidence of the team to achieve the sprint goals

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