August 6, 2021

It’s not about the software with Bhuvan Anandakrishnan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
It’s not about the software with Bhuvan Anandakrishnan
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Show Notes

 Bhuvan Anandakrishnan, Director of Engineering Caterpillar Inc talks about –

  • His starting days in the training as a fresh graduate in Satyam when he realised the power of computing and seeing the results come in
  • He found the joy in software by creating something where nothing was there and could get a sense of accomplishment
  • Eye for quality by way of working in embedded software and getting feedback from a career tester. He also understood what it means to get a quality product from the eyes of the customer
  • Bhuvan talks about complexities of embedded software and the limitations and considerations one has to give when one builds. It’s detrimental for organisations to recall due to faulty software. 
  • He shares about the quality considerations that Japanese give and ensure that the product is released in Japan prior to releasing in other countries
  • Realised that it’s not about the software but the entire product that the customer can touch and feel that value has been delivered 
  • He speaks about the journey of unlearning of being software developer and becoming a product engineer, leader and business leader
  • Bhuvan talks about his life changing decision to move to India to lead Cat and how that satisfied his Star, Heart and Dollar. Similar to Ikigai thinking model.
  • Bhuvan also shares how that he believed Brahma and Vishnu (creation and sustenance) way to make some of his critical decisions (this is based on Vijay Govindarajan’s three box solution)
  • He also shares his passion towards creating large teams and seeing them flourish in his mentorship and coaching
  • Bhuvan’s view is that one should think of the daily life to be part of a large infinite model and take each day with the same deliberate attempt to win instead of resting on your past laurels

Bhuvan Anandakrishnan, experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the machinery industry. Skilled in Embedded Software, Value Stream Mapping, Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), Embedded Systems, and Agile Methodologies.

He started his career in Satyam Computers working in Embedded systems and firmware products. Found the complexities of programming in product and embedded system interesting and impactful.

Bhuvan made the jump to becoming a product engineer and product leader developing number fo products for Caterpillar. Bhuvan uses various product lifecycle methodologies to give the most value for the end customer and increases their delight.

He has graduated in Great Lakes Institute with a PGXPM and MBA from Bradley University

Bhuvan can be contacted @

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