May 1, 2024

Late career options with Shekhar Chandra

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pm power consultation
Late career options with Shekhar Chandra
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Show Notes

Today, my guest is Shekhar Chandra – the Global Practice Head at Irs Software Inc.

Here are the key themes from the conversation: 

  • Shekhar initially disliked sales because he is more of an introvert.
  • However, he was eased into the role by his company and his technical background helped him gain the confidence to sell because he understood the product.
  • Building a brand: Shekhar highlights the importance of building a brand for oneself, especially when venturing into entrepreneurship.
  • Shekhar talks about the concept of building practices within a company to focus on specific areas of expertise.
  • Shekhar emphasizes the importance of trying new things and learning from failures.
  • Shekhar highlights the need for salespeople to have a good understanding of the technical aspects of the product or service they are selling.
  • Shekhar then talks about the challenges faced by Indian companies trying to take their products global.
  • Marketing is crucial: Building a good product is not enough.
  • Companies need to focus on marketing and building alliances with other companies to be successful in the global market.
  • Shekhar describes three different methods for partnering with other companies:
  • Highlights some challenges faced by Indian companies when they try to take their products global.
  • Shekhar also offers his advice for people in two different career stages:
  • Mid-life career crisis:
  • Late career:
  • Shekhar Chandra – aka SC Shekar is the global practice head at Iris Software Inc.

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