June 27, 2024

Learning and Growing with C Subramanian – CS

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Learning and Growing with C Subramanian - CS
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Show Notes

In this episode, Shiv is in conversation with C Subramanian, more affectionately known as CS in his circles, an accomplished banker turned IT professional, with international experience.

In this first part of the conversation, CS shared his origin story, starting from a modest background with a focus on securing a stable life through education. 

Despite initial plans for a career in chemistry, a friend’s suggestion led him to apply for a job at Canara Bank, where he began his career. Despite family objections, he pursued the opportunity and eventually transitioned into the IT sector within the bank, leveraging courses and opportunities for advancement.

He recounted his journey from a banking employee to an IT professional, highlighting key moments such as taking on computer courses reimbursed by the bank, which unexpectedly paved the way for his entry into the IT field. He described the challenges and learning experiences during the implementation of banking software, emphasizing the importance of understanding and conveying banking requirements to software developers.

CS reflected on his transition to project management and the challenges he faced, including the need to upgrade his skills and adapt to new roles. He shared insights into managing teams, emphasizing the importance of guiding and motivating team members while continuously learning and upgrading oneself. Despite initial doubts from others, he persevered, proving himself and achieving career growth within the organization.

Throughout his narrative, CS emphasized the importance of learning, adaptation, and self-confidence in navigating career transitions and achieving success. He also stressed the value of teamwork, mentorship, and continuous self-improvement in professional growth.

A post graduate in Chemistry, worked in a public sector Bank for nearly 30 years and then moved to IT industry in  BFSI. Handled various Banking  projects for nearly 10 years in middle east and India in roles of  Domain expert and Project Management. 

Lives in Bengaluru

He may be reached at: chellappa_subramanian@yahoo.co.in

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