July 24, 2021

Mixed Tapes & 100 Stories with Madhavi Nadig

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pm power consultation
Mixed Tapes & 100 Stories with Madhavi Nadig
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Show Notes

In this episode Madhavi Nadig, a seasoned professional with experience solving challenging problems using technology shares her stories with Chitra on 

  • Choosing to do engineering as she couldn’t become a vet
  • Getting a bachelors and then a masters in computer science
  • Working in 3 different industries via companies like EMC, Jumptap (online advertising) and then Spotify (music)Being known as an ‘optimizer’ and learning how not to over-optimize
  • Applying data driven decisions at work and deciding on feature stickiness
  • Means of getting data and using it, instrumentation, user flows, user interviews and using proxies – some of the Spotify story in India
  • Making a habit of talking to users
  • User insights and developing algorithms for an audience of music
  • Working across time zones and cultures, ensuring people have information at hand
  • Assimilating new joinees in a remote working environment
  • The 100 stories project
  • A short simple message for aspirants who want to be developers

Madhavi Nadig, earned her B.E. in Information Science from PESIT, Bengaluru and an M.S. in Computer Science from SUNY University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.

Madhavi firmly believes problem-solving requires the right mix of creative thinking, technology usage and organizational hacking. Driven by this philosophy, she has successfully led geographically distributed teams of technical and non-technical groups, delivered high quality software solutions and streamlined organizational processes. Her career spans across the entertainment, mobile advertising and computer storage industries. She worked in the US for 10 years with companies such as Spotify, Verizon and EMC as well as small startups. Currently she works with startups in Bengaluru as a freelancer.

Reach her at : Linkdin/Madhavi Nadig

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