Myriad Marvels of Mindfulness

Mind is a very powerful faculty. Mind is the fundamental instrument for generating thoughts, emotions and actions. Mind has a very big influence on body and in turn on physical health. So, if one can deal with mind properly, one can gain mastery on Self and deal with external people & situations very effectively.

Thus Mindfulness practices can bring multifold benefits for people in many areas including: 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced physical, mental & emotional wellbeing
  • Better Emotional Intelligence
  • Better relationships with people
  • Access to one’s holistic Intelligence
  • ….

 Below is a collection of a few blogs which provide insights into many such marvels of Mindfulness:


Don’t manage Stress, prevent Stress

A search on Google on ‘Stress’ throws up more than 100 million results! It has become all pervasive in the world. Children to adults to aged, men & women, rich or poor, almost everybody is undergoing stress. Especially in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, like the pandemic-hit world, it has aggravated even more.   But, have we thought about what is stress? Why stress happens? Can we prevent it or how can we deal with it, even if it happens? Read on …

Let Go to Let Come – Tap into your holistic intelligences!

Have you observed how Storks or Egrets catch fish in the water? They don’t chase the fish in the water. They stand still in the water, and when the fish comes nearby, they pick it up and process it. They are clever (native intelligence). They know that if they move in the water, they will create ripples on the surface or make the water muddy and then they cannot see the fish in the water. On the other hand, when the water is still, they can see what is below the surface. Our mind works in a similar way.  Read on …


Witness-Mind: Gateway to Empathy

We wonder many times why other people don’t understand us, why they are so wrong in their thinking/ideas/ideologies, why they are so insensitive in their behaviors, and so on… Have we considered the possibility that others may be feeling the same about us? This happens because of lack of empathy. Read on…

Discover the Creative You through Mindfulness

We have all heard of Archimedes, Newton and other great scientists who have made great discoveries / inventions. Have we noticed at what state of mind they were when they discovered them? Archimedes was relaxing in his bathtub; Newton was relaxing under an apple tree. Have you observed this: you struggled to solve some difficult problem for several days with no success; then suddenly you get a great breakthrough idea while taking bath or just after getting up from sleep? There seems to be some great intelligence within us, but we only accidentally stumble upon it.  We can do better – there is a way to tap into these deeper intelligences intentionally. Read on …


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