July 4, 2023

Navigating ambiguity with Mohan Ram

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Navigating ambiguity with Mohan Ram
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Show Notes

In the second part of the podcast episode, Shiv Sivaguru continues his conversation with Mohan Ram

Mohan talks about

  • The challenges in working with details as well as abstractions
  • The cost of not understanding implicit requirements and the importance of progressive elicitation of requirements
  • How coaching and observations of people who were doing well in these aspects
  • Why crossing the initial hurdle of winning the confidence of your clients / users is extremely critical for the success of a project
  • His personal philosophy in working under contractual constraints – of cost or timelines
  • How Agile approaches are suitable to work more effectively under dynamic scope conditions
  • How individuals can find a balance between having or not having an aptitude for technical or managerial flavors of work
  • How he developed an interest in philosophy and constant learning
  • What he would like to do with the ancient wisdom, in applying them to day-to-day contexts
  • His thoughts and tips for career questions

Mohan Ram is a Principal Consultant at PM Power Consulting, he works with Clients in their Agile Transformation initiatives, Digital Innovation and Transformation journey and helping build Individuals and Teams that are capable of effectively Delivering outcomes and Managing these Transformations in a Confident and Sustained manner. 

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