March 22, 2024

No guilt career breaks with Amita Ardha

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
No guilt career breaks with Amita Ardha
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Show Notes

Today, my guest is Amita Ardha, an enterprise architect who has been focusing on sustainable development solutions.

In this conversation;

  • Amita started her career in engineering and transitioned to IT due to her interest in the “why” behind the coding.
  • She realized the importance of understanding the business world and pursued an MBA with a focus on IT and software engineering.
  • She eventually became a certified Enterprise Architect but took a break to focus on personal goals and explore sustainability.
  • This entrepreneurial experience involving a reuse studio helped her develop a broader understanding of connecting business with sustainability.
  • Currently, Amita works as a part-time Enterprise Architect and is involved in sustainability initiatives.

Being a Woman in Tech

  • Amita acknowledges the challenges women face in tech but emphasizes focusing on the work and enjoying the journey.
  • She advises against attributing missed opportunities solely to gender and highlights the importance of recognizing individual journeys.
  • Amita encourages women to take breaks without guilt and to keep striving towards their goals.

Sustainability in Computing

  • Amita views sustainability as a journey from finite to infinite resourcefulness.
  • Focus on Achievable Goals and Resource Efficiency
  • Amita emphasizes using resources efficiently and highlights cloud computing as an example of improved resource utilization.
  • She shares an example of identifying hygiene issues faced by sanitation workers and the potential benefit of providing antifungal cream.
  • She recommends offering online sessions like storytelling or technology workshops to contribute remotely.

You can see some of her work at

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