October 17, 2021

One Shot at a Time with Seema Joshi

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
One Shot at a Time with Seema Joshi
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Show Notes

In this episode, Seema Joshi, global product leader at NICE is in conversation with Chitra Gurjar sharing her insights and experiences through

  • Qualifying as a Civil Engineer, and doing site work, to pursuing an MBA and her first job in tech
  • Moving into tech and landing different jobs, finding what she wanted to do
  • Working on the frontlines of technology
  • Her life as a technical account manager and helping close sales deals
  • Learning about personas, how customers buy, who influences, who uses
  • Wearing different hats each time every day
  • Deal or no deal, a zero or a one
  • Contrast in experiences based on what she felt was a good deal and how things turned out
  • Using various approaches to prioritization of backlogs like
  • 3 P approach – Persona, problem and pervasiveness of the problem
  • Thinking in line with a top down business strategy
  • creating delighters for the customer, the KANO model
  • Building a great product team, starting with product managers themselves feeling comfortable with ambiguity, taking decisions with little data and being under the spotlight in a room full of stakeholders
  • Building partnerships of trust and collaboration
  • Staying in the problem space, wearing different thinking hats, assumptions, solutions and discovery
  • Having a sports mindset in your work – her volleyball analogy 
  • Working with engineering teams, incumbent on the PM to find the rhythm of the team and keeping a good tension across different teams by having all ideas on the table and open discussion
  • Her suggestions for people wanting to pursue a product management career or a career in technology

Seema is a Product Leader by profession, Engineering & Management graduate by education, voracious volunteer by belonging, sportsperson at heart, and poet by hobby. With 20 years of experience across Product Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurial roles, she is passionate of building products that delight customers and create business impact. Currently a Global Product Leader at NICE, she heads CXone India Product Management and UX teams.

Passionate about community building & diversity Seema actively contributes to various industry initiatives, is Secretary at SEAP (Software Exporters Association of Pune), ex-founding Board Member of Product Leaders Forum, and is a TedX and keynote speaker.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/seemajoshis/

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