November 20, 2018

Podcast – Managing an Agile Transformation for Success

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Show Notes

Agile transformations, like any other are challenging for most organizations. This episode engages experts from PM Power Consulting J Veeraraaghavan, Vishveshwar Hegde and Anand Natarajan in dialogue, sharing their agile leadership coaching and consulting insights. The dialogue also explores common challenges and approaches to agile transformations for leaders and geographically distributed teams with diverse view points of the experts.

The case study is given below

Trailblazers Inc. have decided to embark on an Agile transformation journey with their SVP of Engineering. Mike Simpson, personally kicking off an initiative targeted at improving predictability, reducing cycle time and improving customer responsiveness. Mike wants Neeraj who is the VP of Engineering at their Bangalore development center to drive this initiative with Scrum as the primary approach and complete the transformation within the next one and a half years.

Neeraj approaches you as an Agile coach to help him with defining and implementing a program that will ensure the success of this initiative.  

To Summarize key aspects from the dialogue:

  1. Define specific objectives for this initiative based on senior leadership directive.
  2. Use a holistic approach (rather than just training) that considers where the organization and teams are currently with respect to the objectives and specific interventions such as training and coaching targeted at addressing the gaps identified
  3. Ensure senior leadership team at both locations has bought into the initiative and is fully committed to it.
  4. Use of constructs such as different levels of planning, scrum of scrums, meta scrums etc. for effective cross-team collaboration
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