January 15, 2021

Product Thinking Trifecta with Ujjwal Trivedi

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Product Thinking Trifecta with Ujjwal Trivedi
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Show Notes

In this episode, Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting is in conversation with Ujjwal Trivedi and his stories about

  • Wanting to be a scientist, when he was graduating
  • Why he had to take up a job, due to family situation
  • Getting some inputs from colleagues and managers and recognizing his aptitude for more business oriented roles
  • Journey from a software developer to a business analyst and then to a product manager
  • Began blogging as a means of sharing his learning of new technology 
  • Finding that his creativity in writing poems could be channelised at work as well
  • How to develop empathy with customer needs
  • Never second guess your user
  • How to validate your product idea and staying away from candy questions
  • Recommended book reads for product managers and on product management

Ujjwal Trivedi is a product guy with over 15 years of experience in building software. He has worked on web and mobile products for US and Indian markets as a Techie and moved to Product Management about 8 years back. He loves poetry, reading, and actively contributes to the Indian startup ecosystem as part of Headstart.

Ujjwal can be reached via :

  • linkedin.com/in/ujjwaltrivedi
  • @ujjwaltrivedi 
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