May 20, 2022

Product Thinking with Harish Achappa

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Product Thinking with Harish Achappa
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Show Notes

In this episode, Harish Achappa KM shares

  • Choosing mechanical engineering as a subject of study and getting into TCS engineering services
  • Working on valves and compressors
  • Getting into programming as part if his work
  • The experience of having a paid vacation in Italy!
  • How his interest in programming developed after starting to use C, C++ as a hobby
  • Noticing differences in projects done at client locations v/s in India
  • Working directly with users and feeding off the energy based on common questions
  • Getting quicker feedback
  • Understanding that some of the work cannot be done remotely
  • Avoiding assumptions and getting clarifications in context
  • Requesting to work in a development project
  • Getting an opportunity to work on a public infrastructure project
  • Learning the value and benefit of parametrization while programming
  • Taking some time to find his feet in a fully software coding role
  • His experience of taking up a product manager role, enabled by his ability to ask a lot of clarifying questions
  • On product thinking, even for an enterprise solution
  • His career advice
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn: drive
  • Consolidating the learnings
  • Taking the responsibility for one’s frustrations
  • Are you motivated to build, generate ideas or both

Harish is a product manager with over 23 years of experience; he has been a developer, boot-strapped a firm and been a consultant. 

You can reach him at

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