September 24, 2021

Progressively being in the Discomfort zone with Jayashree Rajagopalan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Progressively being in the Discomfort zone with Jayashree Rajagopalan
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Show Notes

In this conversation, Jayashree Rajagopalan, Engineering Lead in Amazon shares her experience and perspectives related to 

  • Started technology journey by being inspired by peers and deeply passionate to improve
  • Shares her humble beginnings from the temple town of Trichy and joined Robert Bosch
  • Higher education after a marriage break gave way to structured thinking
  • Jayashree shares her passion in music and how her current work in Amazon music has brought her two world together
  • She shares how to make one attuned to always on streaming industry by creating availability and resilience in the hardware as well as one’s decision making processes
  • She talks about times of immense pressure on her time to balance work and childcare and tapping on all the options at her disposal to keep continuing her career
  • Progressively pushing the work area made her not only a reliable go-to person but also ensured that she keeps doing something additional to what the work asked for
  • Creating that unique value prop that you bring to the table has been her mantra to not only continually learn and add value to her firm but also push her career goals 
  • Jayashree shares some of the scaling mantras that she employs at home that has worked well @ covid times
  • Jayashree shares of creating an environment of safety as well as continuous improvement in the fast paced tech environment. She has some of the basic audits that she does to ensure that goals are reached
  • She shares how people and entertainment industry changing to a hub moving inside our homes 
  • Jayashree shares that one should have a never quit attitude and continuously strive to move one notch better than the previous day for oneself

Jayashree is the engineering lead for the Amazon Music and based out of Bangalore. In her current role, she leads the latest disruptions within the streaming industry for the global outreach of Amazon Music. In her words ‘Leading platform teams on content and data to drive success, innovation and customer delight’ is what brings zing to her step.

Jayashree started her career in Robert Bosch India as a software engineer working in the telecom industry. She moved to the silicon valley to pursue her higher education. She has been part of the telecom industry in the first 16 years of her career and moved to the streaming industry as part of Amazon. Her initial career includes marquee companies such as Oracle, EMC, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia where she worked in several roles as an individual contributor to Tech Lead to Design lead prior to taking up leadership roles. 

Jayashree is passionate about music and is classically trained. Her daughters are also classically trained in music. Jayashree is a graduate of NIT Trichy and San Jose University

She can be reached @ Linkedin/Jayashree

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