Categorizing Values (personal, life, personal + life)

Drag each of the 16 Values on the right hand side (from the 8 pairs) and it in the drop zones – “Values in Personal Life”, “Values in Student (or Work) Life” or in both. For example, if you think “Honesty” value applies to both personal and work life, you could drop one in each zone. If not, drop it only in one of them as you think it. There is really no right or wrong answer – just an example of how someone’s values (mine in this case) may be categorized as personal values, work-related values and some as both personal & work-related. Give it a try! NB: There are 16 values to drop; 12 out of 16 is a good score (that is a hint as well!). If you do get the hint, you would know how to get 16 out of 16! Enjoy…

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