April 23, 2021

Reading and Symbiosis with Ranjani Mani

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pm power consultation
Reading and Symbiosis with Ranjani Mani
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Show Notes

In this conversation, Ranjani Mani shares her experience stories with Chitra on

  • Her belief in making a world that our children can live in
  • Product management, analytics and consulting for 14 years, customer experience & startup mentoring
  • 3 things she’s passionate about – Reading, Writing about Tech & AI, becoming better
  • Doing her bit to enable women with choices
  • The impact of growing up in an environment of equality and mutual respect
  • Taking a user centric approach to designing solutions
  • Why she did an MBA, how it helped open her mind, deal with ambiguity and welcome diverse views
  • Why so many AI projects fail
  • How Product Management experience compliments her analytics role
  • Having multiple interests and curiosity
  • Human centered AI
  • Symbiosis of AI and human presence
  • Why she believes we need more women in analytics, the broken rung and the 5C framework to own your career

Ranjani has over 14 years of experience in setting up and growing data science, product management, consulting, and customer experience analytics teams. Her interests lie in solving business problems through analytics, strategy and leadership.

Ranjani currently works at VMware India, designing and supporting SaaS transformation through Customer Success with business analytics and AI-driven customer experience. She also drives and collaborates VMware’s site activities engaging with start-ups and VCs in the India ecosystem to identify collaboration opportunities.

Ranjani is a DEI evangelist who is keen on bringing more women into the technology space, specifically Analytics.

A passionate writer and voracious reader, Ranjani writes about Tech and AI, Future of Work with exponential technologies, leadership, and managing Analytics teams, book reviews on LinkedIn and her personal website. She also reviews interesting books and provides #2MinExplainer videos on STEM, Finance and Behavioural Economics on her YouTube channel ‘Reviews with Ranjani‘.

Ranjani holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Electronics & Communication) and an MBA from MICA, Ahmedabad.

She can also be reached via LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: All views expressed are personal in nature and solely that of the speaker/author.

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