December 27, 2022

Reflections with PM Power coaches

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Reflections with PM Power coaches
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Show Notes

This is another year end special episode.

As coaches engaged with various organizations and teams, PM Power coaches are always learning, adapting, helping others internalize good practices in work and life situations.

We have the personal reflections of some of the coaches at PM Power Consulting on what they have learnt during the year and what they plan to learn in the coming year.

As Shiv – Sivaguru – reflected on 2022, these were his thoughts

  • He talks about  hybrid working model
  • How he could start reading books again
  • How we handle longer podcasts
  • What he would like to do for 2023

Anantha Natarajan, or Anand, as he likes to be called, shared this

  • Vision, Love and Courage : 3 words that are his key reflections of 2022
  • How he learnt the importance of coaching in his life
  • The vital life lessons from his experience
  • Focus areas for the upcoming years 2023

This is what JV, had to say

  • How things have changed after Covid.
  • How at Pm Power we found innovative ways to handle online workshops
  • Helping customers in their Enterprise Agile transformation journey
  • What we can expect in 2023

Next, here are the thoughts from Zafar Ahmed

  • Engaging with people in person though technology had brought us together virtually
  • More and More organizations are embarrassing Agile
  • If Agile coaching needs domain knowledge or is it domain independent

Always Mindful, Vishu’s reflections are next.

  • Engagements and contributions in Agile transformation, leadership development
  • How fulfilling was Mindful leadership coaching

Below is the link to know more about our PM Powerian’s

Also, watch what our PM powerian’s have to say  on YouTube

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