November 3, 2023

Secure development with Jeremy Snyder

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pm power consultation
Secure development with Jeremy Snyder
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Show Notes

I continue my conversation with Jeremy Snyder, the founder and CEO of, an end-to-end API security startup. Towards the end of the first part, I asked Jerermy ‘how a developer should think, when using APIS – with so many moving parts – from security and performance aspects’

He answers that and continues to share his story relating to:

  • The extensive experience his co-founder has with API based architectures and implementations
  • How APIs can implement business functions or offer specific extracts of data held in applications
  • First, understanding how APIs could be compromised, to pick the scope for what their company firetail should be addressing
  • How many breaches are related to authentication and authorization
  • Why a zero-trust approach is very critical and the good practice of sharing only minimum data that needs to be shared
  • The importance of central logging
  • How he manages to get a good night’s sleep, while playing a very crucial role in the chain of enterprise security in an API based solution
  • His personal practices to handle pressure at work and stay calm
  • The story behind naming their company firetail
  • How he developed an interest in learning many languages
  • Jeremy asked me about my linguistic interests
  • His career tips

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Jeremy is the founder and CEO of, an end-to-end API security startup. Prior to FireTail, Jeremy worked in M&A at Rapid7, a global cyber leader, where he worked on the acquisitions of 3 companies during the pandemic. Jeremy previously led sales at DivvyCloud, one of the earliest cloud security posture management companies, and also led AWS sales in southeast Asia. Jeremy started his career with 13 years in cyber and IT operations. Jeremy has an MBA from Mason, a BA in computational linguistics from UNC, and has completed additional studies in Finland at Aalto University. Jeremy speaks 5 languages and has lived in 5 countries. Jeremy was once kicked off a train in central Sweden, and another time went several days without seeing another human, but did see lots of reindeer.

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