September 3, 2022

Shop Floor experience with Ramesh Rajagopal

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Shop Floor experience with Ramesh Rajagopal
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Show Notes

This is part 1 of a 2 episode conversation. In this episode, Ramesh Rajagopal, a Coach at PM Power Consulting, shares his experience related to

  • Growing up in Madurai, a major temple town 
  • Learning Tamil, though his grandparents were from Karnataka
  • His temple visits, on the way to school as well as on specific occasions
  • Moving to Bangalore and seeing the changes over the decades
  • Passing out as topper in his school for the SSLC grade
  • Choosing to switch colleges to study with his cousin
  • Developing a talent – in his own words  -of sleeping in moving buses, whether sitting or standing
  • Learning the importance of extra curricular activities
  • Applying to TELCO, based on a newspaper ad
  • Asking for a role in R&D, though TELCO was a predominantly manufacturing organization and getting it
  • Not being able to join as planned, due to his father’s health, but being able to make it a little later, when things got better
  • Understanding that work culture varies from context to context and his interesting experience on the shop floor with his manager
  • Importance of practical experience on the shop floor
  • Taking interest in and learning computers
  • Leveraging his engineering and manufacturing experience to help the software development teams in L&T
  • Joining GE and diving deeper into software engineering
  • With a focus on systems, getting an opportunity to lead the quality function
  • Four stages in career development: learning, doing, guide others, shape people by laying the path
  • Getting into Agile approaches

He started my career as an R&D engineer at the Engineering Research Centre at Tata Motors (TELCO) in 1981, then he joined L& T during 1984, initially as a Design Engineer for Earthmoving machines. Later, he moved into Manufacturing Planning. He joined GE India Technology Center during end 2000, as a Project Manager-Delivery and stayed with the organization as it later changed hands to become GXS and OpenText. He also worked as a consultant for the Agile Transformation group for 4 years at Standard Chartered Bank, Kuala Lumpur helping teams and teams of teams to adopt to the new ways of working – from Technology teams, Retail Teams to Data and Privacy teams.

With over four decades of experience which includes over 20+ years in software Product development, Delivery, Quality and several years in manufacturing domains of Automobile and Earth moving equipment, mow a Principal consultant at PM Power, part of Agile Transformation and DevOps Service lines.

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