May 1, 2024

Shortening the Cycle time in Automotive Space with Prema Dhas Mohunraj

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Shortening the Cycle time in Automotive Space with Prema Dhas Mohunraj
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Show Notes

In the first part of conversation with my friend Prema Dhas Mohunraj – aka Prem, Automotive Engineer, Product Leader in the Automotive Space, Electrobit(EB), we touched upon his career and reflections, including:

  • Shortest stint in Robert Bosch for 2 years and talks about today’s trend of people moving out in less than 2 months
  • Been an automotive engineer for the better part of his career and worked in different parts of business with . Premadhas jokes that he was getting only one firm to get a pay check but very different clients and even mail ids
  • Shares his view of the automotive industry – number of chips in a car to number of people who used to work in the software side during the entire transformation 
  • Proliferation of companies coming in the space – shortened the cycle of development – want to keep up with technology and mimicking the cellphone designs
  • Talks about the connected cars and keeps the conversation on what’s happening on the road in a real-time basis. 
  • Shares the need to adapt in 2-3 year period to new roles (within or outside the firm) to ensure that we continue to learn from our ecosystem
  • Premadhas talks about mentoring and how that support has helped him identify newer roles that he has just joined in as a Product Lead in Electrobit
  • Prem shares some of his personal decisions and shares his change from being a manager to an individual contributor and it brought him to a new city to write C++ code

Premadhas started his career with Robert Bosch and moved to Wipro where he led several roles for 14+ years. His most recent role was being the Quality Lead/Project Manager for a client. Premadhas moved to Electrobit (EB) as an automotive engineer and then to lead their quality practices and now in Product lead role. 

Premadhas is currently in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. 

Premadhas did his engineering in REC (now NIT) Trichy in Electronics and Communication Engineering. 

Premadhas can be connected at

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