August 20, 2021

Software Match Makers with Mohan Panchapikesan

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pm power consultation
Software Match Makers with Mohan Panchapikesan
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Show Notes

This conversation between Mohan Panchapikesan, CEO and Director at Medexpert Software Solutions, shares his stories about – 

  • Mohan started his career after completing his engineering in Anna University and IIT Kharagpur and talks about being a self made person but stays as a small town boy from Trichy 
  • Mohan shares being inherently curious and how his firm looks at not only the hospital management software but also the Ecosystem that drives it including insurance, pharma and the equipment sourcing and the entire supply chain
  • Mohan talks about the growth and fixed mindset and its application being the CEO. Being in a position of authority, having an understanding of people’s fears and ambiguity enables in bringing cohesion towards the goals of the firm by motivation
  • Mohan talks about Elon Musks’ motivation of moving to Mars due to the explosion of population and take that as an opportunity 
  • He refers Ford, Starbucks, McDonalds and Microsoft stories to talk about being bigger is better and democratising everything you do
  • Talking about evolution and democratising the reach of services between the 1990s and 2020s has expanded the voice of individuals & takes the example of this podcast being in existence because of the forces that are in play
  • Staying curious is the only way to sustain your learnings 
  • Perform or perish in corporate world has seeped into the personal world as Adopt or Die 
  • Discoverability is the key in the age of plethora of choices and technologists become the match makers of the world. Best match makers are those that have the horoscopes of all the open source software out there
  • From interoperability to intelligently make those inter connections
  • Intelligence in integration and ecosystem is evolving. Unless we as mankind evolve with it, we will become artificial or redundant in the ecosystem
  • One has to be attuned with what is happening around us social or technology wise 

Mohan started his career in software in SA Software working as an RDBMS specialist. He later honed his data and software skills working in Walmart as a program manager. 

Mohan worked in Cognizant in various leadership roles by scaling people, technology and solutions to provide the right type of integration to the clients. 

Mohan became an entrepreneur serendipitously through a mutual friend. He’s now CEO of Medexpert software solutions that’s focused on reducing inefficiencies in the Medical ecosystem and driving innovations.

Mohan can be reached at

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