September 30, 2022

Starting up as a team with Yev Khessin

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pm power consultation
Starting up as a team with Yev Khessin
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Show Notes

In part 2 of my conversation with, Yev Khessin, CTO and founder of DIMO (Digital Infrastructure for Moving Objects) – with a goal to ‘build something disruptive’,  continues to share his story and shares his thoughts and experiences related to

  • How he decided to startup DIMO
  • Finding a partner and picking a few use cases in the automotive space that need to be addressed
  • The experience of launching a company as a team – and why that was needed to address a large problem space
  • Getting together during Covid, taking up a couple of consulting assignments to validate their assumptions
  • The role of a chief architect, particularly in a close team of founders
  • How the founders defined their individual roles to ensure that there is little overlap, but address different parts of the roadmap
  • His personal style of being a servant leader and the need for various teams to come together
  • How he keeps track of evolving technologies and identify the right ones for DIMO
  • The tech stack they are using
  • Leaving things with the persons closest to the code or the customers
  • How consistency of user experience is ensured, with multiple teams
  • Leveraging the large community with testing, validation to help rapid iteration
  • The implication of personal and shared data preferences in making a connected system effective
  • And, how DIMO addresses this challenge, with fine grained options to the users
  • The role of smart contracts in the DIMO ecosystem
  • His views on Electric Vehicles or alternative fuel vehicles and the implication of complex software that may be energy guzzling
  • The implication of recycling for battery powered vehicles
  • His career tips related to entering the automotive solutions space

Yev is the CTO and founder of DIMO (Digital Infrastructure for Moving Objects) – with a goal to ‘build something disruptive’.

Yev has spent 10 years working in lead engineering and technical product with automotive manufacturers and suppliers on IoT connectivity, embedded software, self driving and electric vehicles. As a car lover through and through, he believes that we are at a crossroads similar to the moment when we went from horses to cars. Creating a better connected device protocol, governed by the people who use it, is the only sane way to advance how we get around. 

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