December 9, 2022

Supporting usage of technology with Baktha Muralidharan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Supporting usage of technology with Baktha Muralidharan
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Show Notes

In this episode, the conversation continues with Bhaktha Muralidhran, AVP, Unified Communications at Sompo International..

In the first part, he shared:

  • A brief history of some of the computer networking technologies based on his experience
  • Working on some of the emerging standards at that time
  • Exploring roles in sales and marketing support
  • Preferring to work with customers and solve their problems using appropriate technologies
  • I asked him about: how comfortable it was to be working with customers and supporting them, coming from an engineering or developer mindset?

We continue the conversation with Murali sharing 

  • The importance of understanding the customers’ temperament, beyond technology glasses
  • Being comfortable with not developing cutting edge technology
  • The experience of being part of a sales team
  • The importance of considering the cost of solutions
  • His move to the current role, working with a Japanese firm
  • The impact of covid on the collaboration infrastructure
  • Some interesting metrics about when meetings really start
  • The shift from being an individual contributor in technology to an enabling role
  • Some options he considered from a career advancement perspective
  • The stress when one has to let team members go
  • His suggestions on what can be done to increase and improve the adoption of technology, to be more effective

Over three decades of experience in software development in computer networking technologies and support. Experienced in managing a team of engineers. Led several projects from concept to delivery. 

Specialization: VoIP, Cisco Collaboration technologies, UNIX, Embedded Programming, TCP/IP, QoS, SNMP, Wireless, ATM, Frame Relay

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