December 3, 2022

Selecting appropriate technology with Baktha Muralidharan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Selecting appropriate technology with Baktha Muralidharan
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Show Notes

In this episode, Bhaktha Muralidhran, AVP, Unified Communications at Sompo International shares:

  • His first job to develop electronics solutions for use in the Indian Navy, for data collection
  • Getting an exposure to software towards the end of his course and liking it
  • After masters, getting a job at Digital and getting an opportunity to work on ethernet that was just becoming more widely adopted
  • Creating an ethernet with existing hardware and infrastructure, in the lab – to connect computers
  • Exploring client server approaches in the early days, understanding the close relationship between computers and networking
  • Developing a print server and later working on frame relay technology and network management
  • Learning SNMP [Simple Network Management Protocol] that opened up new opportunities for his career
  • Moving to Lucent, when AT&T was split up
  • Working on MIB – Management Information Base – for knobs that could be manipulated to change the behavior of networks
  • How DSL technology enabled having multiple phones [numbers] in a home
  • Moving to Cisco, when the company was acquired
  • Preferring to work more with technology and interfacing with people – read customers – and so, taking up roles in service, over software development
  • Why one needs appropriate technology and not necessarily the latest technology, when IT is an enabler for the core business

Over three decades of experience in software development in computer networking technologies and support. Experienced in managing a team of engineers. Led several projects from concept to delivery. 

Specialization: VoIP, Cisco Collaboration technologies, UNIX, Embedded Programming, TCP/IP, QoS, SNMP, Wireless, ATM, Frame Relay

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