November 26, 2021

When Passion is Work with Raksha Rao

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
When Passion is Work with Raksha Rao
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Show Notes

In this episode Raksha Rao, CEO and Co-Founder of Parjanya Creative Solutions using interactive media technologies in the space of health, fitness and arts, is in conversation with Chitra Gurjar

  • A trained classical vocalist, starting at age 4 and working with music via interactive media
  • Melding technology and health & fitness
  • Learning and pushing herself with challenges and problem solving, always interested in the “Why”, beginning of entrepreneurship
  • A desire to see the larger picture and the timing being right 
  • Trigger to move back to India, technology, family, support
  • Starting a company in just before the pandemic broke
  • Inspiration from remote music concerts, influence on building interactive apps, spatial audio
  • Body movement tracking app and teaching yoga remotely, help people visualize where they need help
  • Her experiences around building the company from hiring, building a culture of adaptability and change
  • Work, passion and hobby being one
  • Lessons a woman entrepreneur – Learning from others, value yourself, be your own champion
  • Life lessons – Building the right thing & build it the right way; have a learning mindset; be open to change

“Raksha is the CEO and Co-founder of Parjanya Creative Solutions. Born in Bangalore, India, Raksha worked as a software engineer for a few years and then moved to the US in 2012. She pursued her MBA in Information Science at California State University and worked as a backend engineer at several different firms small and big including Zillow, one of America’s largest real estate tech firms. Being a professional musician with over 20 years of practice and performing experience, along with setting up and getting the bootstrapped company off the ground, Raksha also pursued and completed her Masters in Music while being the mother of an active 3 year old. At Parjanya, Raksha is passionately focused on building user centric, cutting edge products that push boundaries of technology. As the CEO and a woman entrepreneur, Raksha is determined to grow Parjanya as a company that can offer the most incredible and innovative solutions while helping and mentoring other young and determined female developers and designers “

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