January 5, 2024

Year end thoughts with Chitra and Gayatri

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pm power consultation
Year end thoughts with Chitra and Gayatri
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Show Notes

As we approach the end of a calendar year, many of us have the practice of looking back on the year that was, reflecting on the highs and lows of the year – and shape our dreams and aspirations for the coming year.

At Software People Stories, we are running a special series of conversations with people on their own approaches as well as practices and stories of how their thinking has changed over the years.

Today, it is a conversation between the two co-hosts of the podcast, Chitra and Gayatri. 

In this conversation, they touch upon:

  • Chitra’s practice of annual year end reflection
  • Gayatri’s professional achievements in a large organization and being bit by the startup bug
  • Having many goals at the start of the year and achieving many of them
  • Planning for a college reunion that brought together over 250 persons
  • Some ideas that did not see as much progress as desired
  • Chitra shares her entrepreneurial journey in the learning space
  • The strength of the co-founders supporting each other through tough times
  • A new role in a new sector that she has recently taken up
  • Her delving into authorship
  • Their experiences and some practices as coaches and how that has influenced their ways of working
  • The significance of time management and also ‘just be’ing.. And not doing anything
  • What Chitra would like to build up as a practice in the coming year
  • Managing your energy more than time
  • Manage FOMO, by sifting through the barrage of information overload and pick the ones most relevant for you and how to get started
  • The importance of having safe spaces to help explore problem spaces
  • Their ideas for the coming year, that they want to work on
  • Some of the techniques they talked about include: Atomic habits and pomodoro technique

Listen on, to be inspired.

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