December 22, 2023

Year end thoughts with Kurumathur Param

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pm power consultation
Year end thoughts with Kurumathur Param
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Show Notes

As we approach the end of a calendar year, many of us have the practice of looking back on the year that was, reflecting on the highs and lows of the year – and shape our dreams and aspirations for the coming year.

At Software People Stories, we are running a special series of conversations with people on their own approaches as well as practices and stories of how their thinking has changed over the years.
Today, my guest is Paramu Kurumathur, a colleague and a published serial author.
He talks about
Two types of books he writes
How he motivates himself to make progress, even when there is no deadline
How he plans and prioritizes time across projects
The significance of a calendar
His thoughts on year end reflections and analogies from astronomy
And the repeating cycles in calendars and their relevance
The usefulness of year end reflections and new year resolutions
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