Mohanram K N

Product Development, Combine Strategic thinking with Operational Excellence, Leadership Development, Executive & Team Coaching

As a coach, I believe story-telling is very important – even in such serious topics like Program and Delivery Management. When I create stories that are very contextual for the learners, it is that much more effective and fun (for me as well!)

Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, India and Master’s in Industrial Management from IIT Madras, India.
Since 1993 in IT
Trained, mentored/coached People in Agile/Scrum/Testing
Consulting engagements delivered

Let's Dig More About Me !!

I am a seasoned Software Industry Executive with rich experience and track record of 30+ years, covering the entire gamut ranging from Product engineering through Services Delivery to Customer Success. I have worked with Software multinationals like Tata Unisys, Hewlett Packard / Hewlett Packard Software Enterprise and Micro Focus and have been part of their Executive Leadership roles. I bring in a Global Context to my business engagements, based on my experience of working with multiple stakeholders including Customers, Partners and a large Workforce.

As a Principal Consultant at PM Power Consulting, I work with Clients in their Agile Transformation initiatives, Digital Innovation and Transformation journey and helping build Individuals and Teams that are capable of effectively Delivering outcomes and Managing these Transformations in a Confident and Sustained manner. My specific areas of Consultative services include:

  • Technology Consulting (Product / Technology Strategy, Execution Blueprint, Operational Excellence)
  • Management Consulting (Agile transformation, Organizational Maturity, Customer Success)
  • Training & Coaching (working with Teams / Individuals for performance and to bridge the Business-Technology chasm).

I believe that modern day Business – Life prerogatives are meant for Optimization rather than Maximization.  Consequently, my thought processes and execution approaches are pivoted around balancing multiple dimensions to achieve dependable and sustainable results. My personal work ethos in day today life anchors on: Together we Achieve More, Speed with Quality.

My other interests include Yoga, Vedanta, Music and Travel. I am always curious to learn and draw correlation / relevance between ancient wisdom and modern-day business challenges to try and evolve pragmatic solutions.


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