February 9, 2024

3 Authors 1 Amazing Book

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
3 Authors 1 Amazing Book
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Show Notes

In today’s special episode we have our authors in conversation with our host Chitra. They share their experiences and thoughts with Chitra about the story behind this book. Here is what Chitra has to say about this podcast.

The five tantras of enterprise agility which emerged from real coaching, business and consulting experiences of PM Power Consulting authored by Paramu Kurumathur only meant a sequel was a matter of time.

So when co-author and former colleague of mine Sivaguru asked if I be the host for a podcast on the new book,

I jumped at the chance.

In this conversation, the three co-authors of a practitioner’s guide to enterprise agility, J.Veeraraaghavan, Paramu and Sivaguru shared their experiences around the process of creating this piece of work and what embodies its essence, working with their individual styles and ideas especially for which PM Power is a powerhouse and how it eventually all came together.

Apparently, a trio of authors makes for the perfect book recipe. They tell listeners not only about what the practitioner’s guide is but also how it enables enterprises on their agility path practically with converting philosophies of the five tantras using tried and tested tools and practices backed by over 15 years of PM Power experience. Listen to this episode of the Software People’s Stories podcast.

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