February 3, 2024

Documentation Dogma in Software with Prema Dhas Mohunraj

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Documentation Dogma in Software with Prema Dhas Mohunraj
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Show Notes

In the second part of the conversation with my friend Prema Dhas Mohunraj – aka Prem, Automotive Engineer, Product Leader in the Automotive Space, Electrobit(EB), we touched upon his career and reflections, including:

  • Shares his decisions and the outcomes of moving roles, company and location
  • Talks about family and decisions on moving career 
  • Prem shares his learnings on being part of a legal case while dealing with a software quality issue
  • Sharing his views on the role definition and switching his avatars based 
  • Riding the high on completing a software code
  • Working between different meetings
  • Shares his learnings and 

Premadhas started his career with Robert Bosch and moved to Wipro where he led several roles for 14+ years. His most recent role was being the Quality Lead/Project Manager for a client. Premadhas moved to Electrobit (EB) as an automotive engineer and then to lead their quality practices and now in Product lead role. 

Premadhas is currently in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. 

Premadhas did his engineering in REC (now NIT) Trichy in Electronics and Communication Engineering. 

Premadhas can be connected at linkedin.com/in/premadhas

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