August 8, 2019

Banana peels and monocultures with Viktor Cessan

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pm power consultation
Banana peels and monocultures with Viktor Cessan
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Show Notes

Episode: Banana Peels and Monocultures Stories from an Agility Coach Listen to Viktor Cessan, agile coach, share his stories, in a conversation with Sivaguru from PM Power consulting, as Viktor talks about

  • How he got into software
  • His first startup, even while he was in school
  • Starting as a content handler
  • Understanding the challenges of working with remote teams
  • Using feedback to improve one’s style of working
  • How learning from others fueled the desire to share
  • Connecting with the organization or teams when you start engaging
  • His approach of using a discovery stage to get a first hand feel as a coach
  • His experiment at Spotify of removing all managers
  • The importance of empathy for a coach in a multi cultural team and being sensitive to diversity in the team.
  • His impressions and experience of working in Bangalore and being adventurous with food in Mumbai
  • The back story behind his podcast
  • His thoughts on where Agile in the enterprise is headed, and the role of coaches

Viktor Cessan has 13 years of experience from the software industry and has for the past 8 years coached agile, organizations, and teams. Viktor spends his time helping companies design systems where organizations, teams, and individuals become healthy are able to make an impact and achieve business goals and he recently published a free case study on when he coached agile transformation at Avanza Bank in Sweden. Since being introduced to agile methodologies in 2007, Viktor has been a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach at companies such as Spotify, Avanza Bank, King, and Nordic Entertainment Group.

Viktor runs trainings and workshops on a wide variety of topics such as agile team dynamics, both introduction to and advanced product ownership, self-management, leadership, and management.

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