August 23, 2019

Confidence and Constant Learning with J Veeraraghavan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Confidence and Constant Learning with J Veeraraghavan
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Show Notes

Listen to another interesting conversation between colleagues J Veeraraaghavan and Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting, as JV’s shares his experiences on 

  • Various role transitions in JV’s career and how he handled them
  • The motivation to excel in the responsibilities he took up
  • How his core strengths of communication, interface with people, being able to talk the language of the customer, being a good listener helped in getting new responsibilities and challenges
  • Learning on the job
  • Realizing that an all round exposure was needed
  • Product engineering, automation and tools
  • Learnings from a transition from a services organization to a product organization
  • Learning as a teacher
  • Taking exploratory approaches as a coach
  • The experience as a small fish in a big pond, from a big fish in a small pond
  • The urge to give everything your best
  • Going with an open mind and trusting your own skills
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