September 11, 2019

Re-Discovery and Agility with Jayaprakash JP

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Re-Discovery and Agility with Jayaprakash JP
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Show Notes

In this episode Jayaprakash JP, coach and consultant talks to Chitra from PM Power consulting about 

  • Being an engineer at heart & how his career began in the software industry, working in product & services organizations
  • Continuous rediscovery, love for learning, and curiosity
  • Building enterprise health applications
  • Experiencing different work cultures between services & product organizations
  • Co-discovering & co-developing customer needs in a VUCA environment with inclusivity & collaboration
  • Being agile in daily life, experiments and learning
  • Becoming an entrepreneur  
  • Why leaders should have an entrepreneural spirit
  • A message for coaches, enablers and people enabling transformations in organizations
  •  Enabling inspiration in children.

Jayaprakash Puttaswamy (aka ‘JP’) is passionate about coaching people and enabling co-creation of game changing possibilities! What he loves most about coaching is the opportunity it provides, to do a deep inquiry about self and to impact other human beings’ lives through co-creation and growing together. With a “Bachelor of Engineering” degree in Computer Science, JP has about 16+ years of overall experience in IT industry and is a Leader in modern Software Engineering. He is practicing agile since 2003 (with Scrum, XP & Kanban), JP has trained over 2000 people in 40+ organizations.

In the last 8 years, JP has coached about 900 people in 7 large-scale transformation engagements. JP has worked with Pete Behrens, driving agile transformation and co-facilitating Leadership Agility workshops in GE HealthCare and McKinsey & Company. His recent coaching was to drive enterprise-level agile/lean & DevOps transformation at Target and and Siemens. He can be reached via

 Here are some of his talks

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Dealing with, and coaching senior Management and Leadership 

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