September 19, 2019

4 Decades in 2 Phases with Neelakantan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
4 Decades in 2 Phases with Neelakantan
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Show Notes

In this conversation Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting is in conversation with his old friend Neelu (PK Neelakantan). Listen to their conversation as Neelu talks about:

  • Two significant phases of his career
  • Playing software development and business development roles
  • A major personal decision to move base from India to the US
  • An urge to do something on his own
  • About losing the job at the time of the dot com bust
  • About an environment where programmers were younger than the programs they were working on
  • Some challenges in managing knowledge workers
  • Literally jumping into a data lake!
  • Assigning a monetary value for software, for a buyer
  • Some challenges in concluding a sale of a platform product
  • What you tell demanding users
  • Resisting the urge to do it yourself and letting team members learn by doing
  • Handling things beyond your control
  • Managerial style of doing together and inspiring
  • Earning the team’s trust by adding value in all interactions
  • And not being able to please everyone all the time

Neelu has about four decades of experience in software development having worked with organizations in India and the United States in different capacities. He lives in San Diego where he works at the San Diego Community College District as their Application Development Manager overseeing the student administration systems. 

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