December 9, 2019

Insights from vignettes with Jayesh Chakravarthi

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Insights from vignettes with Jayesh Chakravarthi
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Show Notes

This conversation highlights stories and experiences of Jayesh Chakravarthi, Co-Founder and CEO of Recast technologies with Sivaguru from PM power consulting  on

  • Selling technology, solutions & software
  • Envisioning solutions to solve Bengaluru traffic problems
  • Entrepreneurial experiences and product validation
  • 3 good tips for entrepreneurs on how to take an idea to a feasible business
  • The importance of having multiple founders; including thought & experience diversity and how to handle change management
  • Selling v/s developing technology;
  • converting desires into products; 
  • His ideal of a good architect
  • What changed in his leadership style through his years of experience
  • Competency, communication & culture
  • Leadership principles & experiences from his own leadership journey
  • Why he would chose to be in IT, if his career were to start today and
  • how he would envision his evolution.

Jayesh Chakravarthi has over three decades of experience in the technology and the financial services industries. He has held leadership positions in Business Developmemt, Sales & Marketing, Brand Management, Advertising, Strategic Planning and Program Managemenet, spanning Indian companies as well as multinationals. Over the last ten years, Jayesh was the country head for Fidelity Investment’s offshore technology services; prior to which he was vice president at MindTree Consulting. Jayesh was Director for channel distribution at Sun Microsystems, India Operations. He started his career at Wipro in brand management.  Jayesh has been associated with CII, NASCOM & BCIC. His other interests include writing, teaching and mentoring.

He can be reached via LinkedIn (Jayesh on LinkedIn)

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