February 14, 2020

Balancing Future Tech v/s Immediate Solutions with Balakrishnan Sreenivasan

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Balancing Future Tech v/s Immediate Solutions with Balakrishnan Sreenivasan
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Show Notes

In this episode, Balakrishnan Sreenivasan – a Distinguished Engineer with IBM shares his perspectives with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting on His experience that led to becoming a distinguished engineer

  • How one has to internalize and abstract models [such as TOGAF] to solve large enterprise problems
  • Starting with documenting an existing architecture..
  • How hard could that be – until you realize the possible ways in which it can be used
  • On whether he has seen Conways law in practice
  • How abstracting shared or common services helps simplify organizational design as well
  • How he got to thinking of problems from an organization or business point of view, rather than technology alone
  • How to look at microservices to enable robust architectures
  • The dimensions an enterprise architect should know, when considering cloud based solutions
  • How an architect balances the anticipation of future technology and the need to implement something today by the dev teams
  • Benefits of embedding Site Reliability Engineers into dev squads
  • An experience from a delivery transformation exercise to reduce the average release cycle from 3 months to 3 weeks
  • Implications of mixing and matching homegrown and open source components in enterprise solutions
  • Shifts in business models with the acceptance of ‘… as a service’ concepts
  • The blurring lines across industries Considerations for building ecosystem based solutions
  • His tip for future proofing one’s career in IT

Balakrishnan Sreenivasan is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technical Officer in IBM’s Global Business Services. He is a Subject Matter Expert in Cloud Transformation, Application Modernization, DevOps, Application Operations on cloud, Offering development & enterprise architecture He is a Technical Advisor, who guides senior client executives on IT strategy and enterprise architecture including Cloud strategy across varied industries.

Capability in offering Client Services for Cloud Application Services in IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS); As a Thought Leader, he bridges the gap between IT and Business to improve business flexibility and agility using approaches such as BizDevOps, Cloud, Microservices & API economy. Responsible for cloud computing, DevOps Transformation and Hybrid Cloud / Multi-Cloud Architecture. Bala is recognized as a Cloud Solutions Evangelist for Cloud adoption including DevOps transformation with excellence in ensuring continuous improvement of Cloud offerings and building Cloud-scale data services.

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