Chow #181 – Approach for Reorganisation of Collaborative teams?

Kumar is an agile coach with tremendous coaching experience. He had joined an MNC recently as an agile coach and coaching multiple teams. But the organization went through a transformation and now he is part of a central team of coaches. He was excited as he could part of like-minded people. But now all of them were asked to get billing from a business that did not understand the value of agile for their teams and need of a coach. This created a lot of confusion and conflicts among the coaches. He raised this issue with the leader and the leader suggested he come back with a proposal to overcome this problem. Can you help Kumar with ideas on how he could propose ways of working that help maintains the collaborative culture and also create an impact in the organization with the new ways of working?


Kumar understood that the team is in the initial stages of forming and culture that the coaches used to work was collaborative. Since the new organizational structure resembled Hierarchical to them, they were resisting. Here are the solutions that he proposed.

1.     Proposed to run a visioning session with the coaches where they could draw the vision for the new team. Since the coaches were part of the finalizing the vision, they would also feel ownership. Being part of the vision could reduce friction in the group and bring more unity.

2.     Work with the team to define the structure, which could have multiple works groups and each of them can have some part of ownership to the central team.

3.     Work on the soft aspects of the team forming cycle so that it can move towards the performing stage. 

Let us know if you have more ideas or solutions to the problem.

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