March 26, 2020

Software and Cinema with Shobha CS

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pm power consultation
Software and Cinema with Shobha CS
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Show Notes

In this episode, part of our series on Women in IT for the Month of March 2020

Chitra Gurjar from PM Power Consulting is in conversation with Shobha CS, Founder Director of Tent Cinema School where Shobha takes us through her journey of  

  • Start of a multifaceted career in software development and management to skill development and cinema
  • Using her creative bent of mind to find motivation & strength at work and manage life better
  • Having an open mind to handle changes, welcome anything new
  • Learning from the networks of BSPIN (Bangalore Software Process Improvement Network) and knowledge management special interest group
  • How a group of companies came together to share experiences in software development and gain trust to share data for purposes of benchmarking
  • A proper approach to get people to rally around a purpose
  • Using knowledge management practices to share and successfully roll out organization wide initiatives
  • Some insights from her experience in the field of KM
  • Learnings from having spent a lot of time in quality engineering
  • Transition to skill development and later to cinema
  • Her thoughts on the future of education
  • Living a life full of colour

Shobha CS is the Founder Director of the Tent Cinema Film School. She started her career in software development at Kirloskar Computers and later at PSI Data systems. She worked at Perot systems in the role of SEPG Head and Sr. Director of Quality and Operational Excellence that included Knowledge Management. She has over 30 years of experience in focusing on software delivery and internal operations.

Shobha ran her own venture Artis Academy a training institute offering vocational training in broadcast journalism in collaboration with NDTV, along with courses in hardware and networking, spoken English and ethical hacking. Shobha now runs a film school offering workshops and courses in film making, acting, scripting, cinematography, Editing, and lyrics writing.  Shobha holds an MSc in Physics from Mysore University. She has received awards from BSPIN, given guest lectures at various institutes on Knowledge Management and has been an active participant in the CII Innovation forum.

Her interests are in the area of connect between Quality & Knowledge Management, Training young minds, Leadership and Spirituality, Culture and Learning.

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