April 9, 2020

Signal Processing to Data Engineering with Jayantha

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Signal Processing to Data Engineering with Jayantha
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Show Notes

In this episode, Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting is in conversation with Jayantha who shares his life as an engineer and working in Europe amongst other things such as

  • Telecom engineering to data engineering
  • Getting help and guidance in a new place and new company
  • From his lens of how software has evolved over generations
  • Designing products for different customer segments
  • How data engineering folks work with other people like product managers and business folks
  •  The importance of understanding users of the product even for data engineers
  • Understanding GDPR while working on personal data – What different views of data down a funnel can reveal and recognizing anomalies
  •  Transitions from telecom engineering to a services company and then a product company
  • How agile practices need to chosen to suit ones needs
  • Shares thoughts on people considering an IT career and moving to Europe for work Telecommunications Engineer turned Software Professional turned Data Engineer working at Omio in Berlin as a Senior Data Engineer and Lead of the Business Intelligence platform team. 
  • Formerly worked at Thoughtworks in Bangalore. 

Jayantha’s hobbies are  are guitar, sports and art

Jayantha can be reached in the below coordinates


Instagram | mellowcolour | https://www.instagram.com/mellowcolour/

Twitter | mellowcolour | https://twitter.com/mellowcolour 

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