May 29, 2020

Cloud Maturity and API Dynamics with Meera Chari

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Cloud Maturity and API Dynamics with Meera Chari
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Show Notes

In this conversation with Meera Chari, Sr. Enterprise Architect at IEEE and Gayatri from PM Power Consulting explore Meera’s journey

  • Started as a computer engineer with curiosity and need to learn
  • Meera speaks about entering the electronic commerce world as a product engineer
  • Learnt from a mistake made during prod deployment made her acutely aware of software development need to be supported by disciplined infra management layers of software along with security, latency, firewalls’ importance in problem solving
  • Understanding big picture moved Meera from software engineer to an application architect and later as an enterprise architect
  • Disaster aware and fail tolerant application architecture based on a disaster that struck in the US East coach
  • Sharing her experience in creating company’s IT roadmap and decisions and parameters behind them Cloud migration experience on critical business process that are deep rooted in enterprise applications
  • Entire Economy moving towards API dynamics powered by SaaS solutions
  • Cloud maturity is constantly changing by way of continual progression. This is leading to creation of new roles that are enabling cloud maturity and migration
  • Key takeaways for listeners – Listen to your customer, keep an eye on big picture and being curious about technology user or an innovator

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