July 18, 2020

Twists and a Tale with Ram Iyer

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Twists and a Tale with Ram Iyer
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Show Notes

In conversation with an Infrastructure Automation Expert, Ram Iyer, where he shares experiences with Chitra From PM Power Consulting on

  • How he became an automation engineer Early career in Infrastructure guided, mentored and learned with the help of great managers and lead engineers
  • What it takes to understand an enterprise solution, from building reports to writing automation code
  • How the operations view is missing when applications and products are built.
  • Thoughts on design for scale and scale-out v/s scale Infrastructure as code, collaboration and the philosophy of “no silos”
  • A Day In the Life Of an infrastructure automation engineer Cross-Cultural learning
  • Lessons learned as a service help desk engineer very early on in his career
  • Why he believes in volunteering  A millennials’ message for building a career in tech and software

Ram is an automation expert by profession who has spent about a decade in IT, an author of Powershell Core for Linux Administrators Cookbook ( https://www.amazon.com/PowerShell-6-0-Linux-Administration-Cookbook/dp/1789137233#:~:text=Book%20Description&text=PowerShell%20Core%20enables%20automation%20on,to%20effectively%20administer%20your%20environment .) , a blogger, a typography enthusiast, a volunteer and an amateur podcaster. He likes to pick up issues that seem complex and break them down to digestible pieces—something he does at work, and tries to do on his blog.

He can be reached via RamIyer https://www.linkedin.com/in/theramiyer/

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