July 24, 2020

For the Joy of Learning with Sankar V S

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
For the Joy of Learning with Sankar V S
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Show Notes

In conversation with career Project Manager, Sankar V S, Regional Digital Services & Products leader in Arup he shares his journey starting from a part time trainer to IoT and analytics experiences with Gayatri from PM Power Consulting on

  • His start of journey with software as a trainer in C++
  • Considers himself as a self starter and staying a continuous learner
  • Difference in communication and unsaid patterns in HK China and that made him move to Project management/Business Analysis
  • Fearless in taking high risk immigration project and learnt lawsuits, coding, quick thinking and sensors
  • Leap towards IoT even before it got the name. Narrates a story of pattern recognition of cows vs human using lasers
  • As a creative director in Arup, he’s enabling construction projects use data in the center exploiting IoT and analytics
  • His view of technology has changed from using to increase commercial purposes (behavior analytics) to improve environment (plastics and landslide deduction) in the construction industry
  • He shares his experience of being a fulcrum of IoT innovations across the globe by creating an alliance and connecting various players
  • Collaboration is one skill he highly recommends to have as the team needs to sound like a symphony and not a single instrument solo 

Sankar V S can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sankarvs/  Gayatri can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaya3k/ 

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