May 15, 2021

A Founder’s story with Seethaprasad Mandikel

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
A Founder's story with Seethaprasad Mandikel
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Show Notes

In this episode, SeethaPrasad Mandikel CEO and Founder of Tribyte Technologies shares his stories with Chitra around 

  • His love for programming and natural motivation towards doing it, active coder at least once a week and reviewing code
  • The “Made in India” inspiration when working in Talisma towards becoming an entrepreneur
  • Having a lot of ideas, taking nearly 2 years to decide that “this is the one” and the journey from an idea towards making it into a business and founding Tribyte technologies
  • Starting the business with building a video platform for entertainment and education & focusing on creating a platform to enable learning by making it both engaging and interesting
  • How they got first customers, being confident about the problem being addressed of self-paced learning amidst bandwidth challenges to stream HD videos
  • Enabling their early customers digital journeys, learning and co-creating the platform
  • Developing and maintaining customer relationships mainly through partnering and referrals, and helping customer grow their business
  • The growth explosion due to the pandemic, how the team responded and enabled educators transition to online education and ensuring customer business continuity
  • Lessons learned while scaling rapidly at the onset of the pandemic to enable customers quickly move online, handling nearly 1500 sessions with 40-50 attendees per session, all starting at 9am
  • Smart scaling approaches keeping cost and performance in mind
  • A time when J&K state customers were enabled quickly so they could continue teaching
  • How he built the team at Tribyte
  • Catering to different learner personas and categories
  • Messages for aspiring technologists on having a passion for programming & for entrepreneurs to examine viability & feasibility of a product or solution before starting your business 

Seethaprasad Mandikel is the founder and CEO of TriByte Technologies, a Bangalore (India) headquartered  company, focused on developing a cutting-edge Interactive Learning Platform.

Seethaprasad has 25 years of experience in building technologies for large scale deployment with last 10 years focused on EduTech. He has grown TriByte from a start-up to enterprise by providing white-labelled solutions for many marquee customers and serving millions of users across 7 countries and 3 continents.

Prior to TriByte, he was part of the founding team of PI Corporation (later acquired by EMC) as Development Director. He worked in companies like Microsoft Corporation in the US), Talisma/ Aditi Technologies and with Robert Bosch, India

He can be reached via LinkedIn:

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