May 20, 2021

Staying Human with Amit Sarangi

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Staying Human with Amit Sarangi
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Show Notes

In this episode Amit Sarangi, Agile Evangelist is in conversation with Gayatri. Amit shares his experiences on

  • Starting his career in the functional HRM area as a business analyst
  • Comparing the modules and configurations that used to be done in Oracle to the no-code generation of products of today
  • Working as an onsite coordinator and understanding business needs and mapping them
  • How the Agile journey has transformed him as well as how software is perceived
  • Changing the mode of working from being like a whack-a-mole in terms of how feedback used to be collected and how that has changed
  • How people need to be understood as who they are and not as robots to churn so many lines of code regularly
  • His childhood, being a kid of Sanskrit professors, filled with stories, realms and possibilities
  • The choices he’s made in his life and being comfortable staying out of the comfort zone and he’s better for it
  • The legacy he’s leaving behind and inspiring today’s technologists to do the same
  • Understanding your roots and past, constant curiosity and embracing the future creates multiple possibilities and opportunities. 
  • Asking listeners to keep exploring! 

Amit can be contacted at

Here is the link to the Give India campaign in support of the #PodForChange Covid Relief Fund

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